Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Display type: AMOLED

Screen size: 1,56"

Standby time: 14 days of normal use

Charging time: less than 2 hours

System requirements: Android 5.0, iOS10 or above

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Take control of your day

Mi Smart Band 6 is equipped with a larger1.56 ”AMOLED color screen with an impressive resolution, 49% larger than its predecessor Mi Smart Band 5. The high resolution of 326 PPI allows you to see images and text even more clearly than before.


Your personal, personal trainer

If you are a runner, cyclist, go to the gym or swim, the Mi Smart Band 6 is the perfect personal trainer. Choose between over 30 training modes, including popular sports such as HIIT, Pilates and Zumba.
The watch is waterproof (50 m) which allows you to swim or shower with the watch on. It is also easily connected to the Mi Fit app where all your activity is logged and analyzed regardless of whether you have Android or iOS.


Smart features

Mi Smart Band 6 keeps track of your sleep quality and can measure, among other things, REM and how your breathing during sewing looks. With heart rate monitoring, you keep track of your heart 24 hours a day and there is also a mode that allows you to keep track of your menstruation.
Measures your oxygen saturation in the blood

Mi Smart Band 6 helps you to get to know your body and keep track of your health. Among other things, the watch measures your sp02 level, ie your oxygen saturation in the blood.
If the level is too low it can lead to dizziness, headaches or cardiac arrest and when you have exerted yourself for a long time, perhaps if you do longruns  or have had an extra tough session at the gym or stay at a high altitude, you can immediately measure your oxygen saturation in the blood to understand your physical condition.


Impressive battery life

Mi Smart Band 6 has a really impressive battery life and lasts for about 14 days without charging in typical use.


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