Screen Assembly for iPhone Xs Max with Soft OLED

  • iPhone Xs Max screen replacement with Soft OLED;

  • 1:1 display sizing compared to original;

  • Lifetime warranty and fast delivery from Sweden.

SEK1,093.75 Incl. VAT
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Soft OLEDs are made of a flexible plastic substrate, which is why they last longer than Hard OLEDs. They are much more resistant to impact. Soft OLEDs also fit better into the frame of an iPhone than Hard OLEDs.

  • Soft OLED’s key features:

  • Color Contrast: Excellent color contrast

  • Color Accuracy: Excellent color accuracy

  • Brightness: Good brightness

  • Display Size: Equivalent to OEM

  • Power Consumption: Equivalent to OEM

  • Durability: Equivalent to OEM, higher than Hard OLED

  • Price: Higher than Hard OLED

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