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How to make orders

Instructions on how to order from our web shop

Step 1: Create an account and log in

Creating an account with us will help us to understand you more and offer you better prices and services.

Different customer groups have different prices. For company customers, especially distributors or repair companies who will buy from us continuously and in big quantity, we hope you can contact us to let us know your demand so we can put you into the right group and enjoy the privilege of wholesale price.

VAT number is important for EU company customers. With valid VAT number inside EU, we can sell without VAT. For private customers and company customers inside EU but without valid VAT number, there will be VAT (25%) added to your order according to Swedish Tax Office. All the customers (private and company customers) from outside EU no need to pay VAT when you make orders with us. The VAT decision is based on the shipping address.

After you log in to our web shop, you will be able to see our prices and add to cart button.

Step 2: Add products to shopping cart

When you add an item to shopping cart, please pay attention to the stock status. “In stock” = more than 5 pcs in stock; “Out of stock”= we have 0 for this item but normally we can get new stock for that within 1 week after we receive your order, we will contact you if we can not.

We will consider you agree to wait for 1 week if you ordered any item with “out of stock” status when you add it to the shopping cart.

Step 3: Choose shipping method

We are offering different shipping methods to meet your requirements.

In Sweden, we offer Free pick-up service, free shipping for orders over 8000 SEK excl. VAT and flat shipping rate 75 SEK. We use DHL freight to deliver our packages inside Sweden.

For international packages, we will use DHL as our carrier by default. We offer DHL economy and DHL express as the main options. All the packages contain batteries will be delivered via DHL economy with will be transported by truck on land. DHL Express will be transported by flight and can reach most of areas in Europe in 1-2 days and the rest of the world in 4 working days or less.

We offer free shipping for orders over 1000 EUR or 1100 USD within limited countries ( DHL Zone 1 and Zone 2) as following: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxenberg, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

We charge 150 SEK as minimum shipping cost for international shipping due to the volume weight base line.

Step 4: Choose payment method

We offer both online payment and off line payment. You can choose the options listed under payment methods and our online payment method can support credit card and PayPal payments.

Off line payment, you can use Swish or bank transfer to pay for your order.

We only offer credit for very limited customers. In most of the cases, your order will be processed after we confirm the payment has been received.

After you choose the payment method, you can review your order from the items in the shopping cart to the shipping address and methods for shipping and payment. You can change any step of this process before you submit the order.

You will be able to see the amount of the whole order, shipping cost and tax if there is any. After confirming and submitting the order, the ordering process is done.

If you want to make any changes after submitting your order, please contact our customer service to process the changes.